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We will always do our best to complete your requirements on an agreed date, however we are subject to a number of restrictions.  These restrictions can either be environment / location or legal.  


Sometimes we are not able to fly the UAVs or Drones due to the weather - we can not fly in rain or wind in excess of 20mph.  We are keen weather watchers and will always liaise with our clients on the best day to fly.  If on the day the weather works against us then we will return as soon as reasonably possible to complete the work.


The location of the work may also restrict us due to CAA rules such as flying in congested areas, or close to buildings that are not under our (or our clients).  These restrictions can be overcome in many cases through an application to the CAA for a non-standard flight.  However, this can take up to 21 days to process.  That being said we have also had approvals through in a matter of a few days.  


The pilot on the day will always have the final say on whether a flight can happen safely or not and we ask our clients to bare this in mind.


Safety Considerations 

DroneScene adopts best industry practice to ensure that all its flight operations using small unmanned aircraft systems are carried out as safely as possible. In addition we ensure all pilots and staff are appropriatly trained and participate in relevent ongoing professional development.

The safety of individual flights is the responsibility of the Pilot conducting the mission. When breaches of safety occur it is the responsibility of the Pilot to report them to the Accountable Manager.

The four basic principles of safety will always be followed to ensure safety of our client,the general public and our own staff:

  • Fit to fly: The pilot is fit to operate, is trained, proficient and has the necessary skills to complete the task. The RPAS (Remote Pilot Automated System) or drone has been set up in accordance with the manufacturer’s user manual and all procedures have been carried out correctly following the relevant FRC (Flight Reference Card).
  • Safe in the air: The pilot will ensure that the airspace is safe to operate in by conducting a pre-deployment survey to identify other air users, airspace hazards and restrictions.  Some of this will happen before we arrive on site and some either in a pre-site visit or on the day before we fly.
  • Safe to those on the ground: The pilot must complete a full risk assessment prior to the commencement of the task and maintain full operational awareness whilst the RPAS is in flight.
  • Flown in suitable weather: The RPAS must only operate within the environmental envelope defined by the manufacturer’s technical specification. Assessment of the weather conditions must be made prior to, and during, every flight using advice from external sources where applicable.

The DroneScene RPAS will be operated under Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) rules. It will not be flown:

  • In controlled airspace (Class A, C, D or E) without permission from the appropriate Air Traffic Control and attainment of a Non-standard Flight (NSF) approval if using a platform greater than 7kg.
  • In any Air Traffic Zone without permission and obtaining a NSF approval if using a platform greater than 7kg.  This would specifically apply to our S1000 platform.
  • At a height above 400ft (120m) from surface.
  • At a distance beyond the visual ranges of the Pilot and not exceeding 500m.

A congested area is defined as being ‘any area of a city, town or settlement which is substantially used for residential, industrial, commercial or recreational purposes’.

All remote Pilots working for DroneScene will adhere to Information Notices and CAP722 published by the CAA regarding flights within London and other towns and cities. Platforms over 7kg require a volume 3 safety assessment submission to seek approval to operate in congested areas.

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Lewis Photography Limited (Trading as DroneScene) is fully certified by the CAA to perform aerial work with both sub 7KG and sub 20KG Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or Drones.  

CAA Reference is:  20151015Lewis Photography Limited t_a DroneScenePAndEUAV1430

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