About Us

About Us

DroneScene is the trading name for Lewis Photography Limited - a company founded by husband and wife team Don and Amanda Lewis.


Through the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) our skilled team can provide you with photographs or video footage of normally inaccessible places that allow you to safely inspect and record high level structures, land or estates whilst removing the risk and cost of working at height.  We can provide you with a different perspective.


We put a lot of focus on maintaining our skills and safety procedures to ensure we can confidently deliver to our customers requirements in a safe and secure way.  Unlike many operators in this industry we are approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to fly UAVs in both sub-7kg and sub-20kg categories.  What this means to you is complete flexibility to carry a wide range of photographic and film equipment to meet your needs, carried on a rock steady platform to deliver the sharpest images.


With our ability to deliver brochure quality internal and ground level external photographs we are able to provide you a one-stop shop for all your architectural, property and estate projects.


With our complete ground to air service we also cover events that need that different perspective.


If you need service with integrity and quality then please contact Don or Amanda


Expert, Professional and Exceptional.  Simple. 

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Tel:  (+44) 7710 981482
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